DiD Resources

I have done a lot of work on difference-in-differences (DiD), and have tried to make as many resources as possible available online. This page collects links to those resources.

DiD Course

I have been teaching a one-day course on recent DiD methods for Mixtape Sessions. All of my teaching material is available on Github.

This includes slides for three lectures – feel free to use in these in your teaching (with proper attritubution):

There are also two coding exercises that show how these methods can be used in practice:

If you like this material, you can see when I’m next teaching the course and sign up here.

DiD Review Paper

For a more detailed review of the recent literature, see my Journal of Econometrics paper, “What’s trending in difference-in-differences? A synthesis of the recent econometrics literature”. You may be especially interested in Table 1, which provides a checklist for practitioners.


Also be sure to check out Table 2, which provides a list of packages for DiD methods, based on Asjad Naqvi’s excellent website.


I am the co-creator of several packages for DiD methods. Click on the links below and check out the package READMEs for instructions.